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if you love benedict cumberbatch you are letting the british empire colonize your body. please.. we are all trying to move on from that time

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firefighter hank ft. mule

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Hey, AAGU! I wanted to bring this atrocious piece of journalism to your attention. CSULB’s official student newspaper The Daily 49er has recently published a racist and xenophobic article about China. [x]

Some choice quotes include:

  • "Also, people in China love to yell, and have no concept of using “inside voices.”"
  •  ”Overall, people in China neglect to follow many of the social standards that we value in the West.”
  • "…if I had been one of those insufferable D-bags from the Jersey Shore, I would’ve left behind dozens of people with black eyes"
  • "Good luck trying to find anyone who is able to speak English."

This was written by the opinions editor of the paper - this person actually manages an entire section. It’s completely unacceptable and given CSULB’s history of supporting racists - I think they should be called out. An apology is overdue, not just from the writer himself but also from the editorial team for letting such garbage be published online.

You can leave a comment on the article itself or email the editor and their faculty advisor:

Editor in Chief – eicd49er@gmail.com
Daily 49er Advisor – Barbara.Kingsley-Wilson@csulb.edu

Alternatively, tweet them at @daily49er

If you want more information you can check out this post. Thanks!

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"This sucks. This sucks a bag of dicks."

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I dedicate this one to charliedaymemes

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